Have You Outgrown Your Home?

After several months of being self-quarantined you may be feeling a bit claustrophobic. Being at home day in and day out with your immediate family members may have you cherishing your family time together and also rethinking your space. And it may even be more space outside that you’re really craving. 

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to know whether it’s just the short-term effects of Covid19 or if you’ve outgrown your home. 

  1. Do You Need a Dedicated Room For Your Home Office?

Have you realized that working from home on a kitchen table or in a closet isn’t cutting it?  Do you want a room where you can leave your work and close the door at the end of the day (even if the end of the day turns into a late-night hour)?

Maybe you’ve realized you like working from home or your job is turning into a permanent “work from home” status. 

Remodeling might give you the extra space by carving it from a bedroom or an unused formal living room or some other area in your home.  If you can’t carve it from your current space would an addition make sense vs considering a move to a bigger home?

  1.  Are You Tired Of All The Noise & Disruptions in Your House?

Do you feel like you live on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange with the yelling and loud voices you hear throughout the day?

Do you know what time it is by hearing the pounding from your neighbor’s daily workout? Is the neighbor’s dog constantly barking so you can’t leave your windows open? 

Do you want your own office space where you can lock the door so you can have a Zoom call without kids, pets or your spouse interrupting?

With everything going on these days, it is understandable that everyone is stressed, but you’ve realized having more of your own space away from the noise of others is now a must-have instead of a luxury.  Soundproofing may be an option to consider, but is the cost worth it, and will it be enough to fix the problem?

  1. Do You Want A Room For _____ (fill in the blank)?

Have you taken up a new hobby like brewing beer, making your own kombucha, sewing face masks or do you want a room for your own personal gym?  

Having an extra room to do something you enjoy is going to give you some peace and relaxation.  More and more it’s becoming a must-have from buyers to have an extra room for something that brings them joy.  

  1. Do You Crave Your Own Yard?

One thing I’ve noticed since the self-quarantine started is more people are spending time outdoors.  Whether it’s taking a walk or working in the yard, getting outside has definitely been a place for many to recharge.

Maybe with more time on your hands, you’ve thought about wanting your own outdoor space to plant a garden, play catch with your dog (current or future) or to just sit outside and relax. 

I didn’t buy my current house looking for a garden but in the last 5 years, it’s one feature I love most about my home. I’ve transformed the look of my yard by adding native plants which attract all kinds of birds, bees, butterflies, and insects.  It’s my sanctuary and I won’t own another home without some garden space.  (I’m not moving anytime soon!)  

  1. Do You Have a Life Event Happening in the Next Year?

What do I mean by that?  You’ve gotten engaged, a baby is on the way, you’re adding a dog to the family, a parent is coming to live with you or a millennial has come back to nest at home for a while.

Some of these life events may be short term and you can manage within the confines of your current home, but if you’re already feeling the squeeze looking at other options for your growing family might be worth exploring. 

Let’s have a conversation when you’re ready.  Talk through some options.  Maybe a remodel or an addition might be less disruptive than selling and buying to get you the home that meets your needs.  Either one won’t happen overnight.  If you’d like to explore what you could do to make your home fit your needs better, I’m here to help. I can provide some contractors for you to talk to as well as discussing what buying and selling would look like.  Please feel free to shoot me an email.  We can start with a Zoom call and see where that takes you.

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I'm Nancy and I love helping homeowners who have outgrown their current home and are ready to buy a new home but don’t know where to start. Let me know how I can help you make your real estate dreams come true. 

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I'm {Your Name} and I love helping first time home buyers make their first home more affordable and I love helping sellers looking to move up to their forever home. Let me know how I can help you make your real estate dreams come true. 

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