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staged to sell

 3 things help Sell your Home     Quickly and for Top dollar! :

Declutter Your Home

Move-in Ready Condition

Stage Your Home

With Staged to Sell you’ll receive a free consultation of the interior and exterior of your home. Within 3 days of the consultation we’ll schedule a follow-up Zoom call to review the list and finalize the “must-do” and “optimize to sell” items.

My assessment will include the following:

• A review each room of the house with a follow-up list of what to pack, store, repair or replace.

• Paint color recommendations as needed for the interior & exterior.

• A review of the exterior to provide you with a list of anything which should be repaired or replaced before the home goes on the market.

• A list of contractors to help you with any of the work that you don’t want to do or don’t have time to tackle. These contractors offer competitive pricing to help save you money while sprucing up your home to sell.

• Tips on how to easily keep it in showing condition even while you’re still living in the home.

Once you have your home in top selling condition it’s time to stage! 

reasons for using my
"Staged to Sell" program: 

• Gives buyers the best first impression of your home. Buyers make an opinion in the first 15 seconds they are in your home

• Enable buyers to see your home as theirs by neutralizing the look of your home.

• Makes your home feel bigger – by removing extra items buyers won’t have to worry if there’s enough room.

• The National Association of Realtors surveyed agents and found that sellers agents said staged listings sold for 1-5% higher than non-staged homes.

• Staged homes sell faster than homes that aren’t staged. 53% of sellers’ agents say staging decreases a property’s time on the market.

• Extra Money in your pocket – the cost of staging can run into thousands of dollars. I’m giving it to you for FREE!

My Staged to Sell program provides you with the services to help you successfully sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

Schedule a free consultation to learn how my Staged to Sell program can help you.

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