4 Homeowner Challenges to tackle in 2020

If you’re like me and don’t like setting resolutions, consider calling them challenges and setting yourself up for a win with these 4 Homeowner Challenges to tackle in 2020. 

They are Manageable, Easy & Timely:

Manageable – one per quarter

Easy – most all are DIY projects or ones that a handyman can do for you without breaking the budget

Timely – match up with the time of the year to do them in.

This challenge can be easily MET, so let’s get started:


If you are feeling the effects of celebrating the New Year you might have already paid a visit to the porcelain god. (I had to start out with a bit of fun!)  

If not, this first challenge is giving your toilet a hug.  By hugging your toilet you’ll see if your toilet rocks or has any wiggle to it. If there’s movement, there’s potential for water to leak and seep into the floor.  While you might not notice a small leak right away, when it does appear, there’s a lot bigger repair to make to the floor/ceiling beneath it.

Hugging your toilet now will save you from a costly repair down the road.

Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 11.43.44 AM.pngScreen Shot 2019-12-30 at 11.43.44 AM.png


To make it easy & manageable here’s a link to show you how to fix your toilet:

Tips for fixing a rocking toilet


Now, you’re ready for spring and some fresh air! When you go to open the windows, check the caulk around the interior & exterior of the windows to see if there are any gaps or cracks in it.  

If so, it’s time to replace the caulk. Having a good seal on the inside & outside of your windows helps prevent moisture seeping into the window frame.  Additionally, you want to save on your heating and cooling costs by keeping the outside air from seeping into your home. 

image 2.pngimage 2.png


A good seal will last 20 years so this isn’t something you need to do every year.  That’s the good news. Just be sure to check every year as when cracks start showing up it’s time to replace.

Here’s a link: How to DIY replace caulk to help you do it.  Pay attention to the proper type of caulk to use as well.


As we move into the summer months, it’s a good time to check your outside dryer vent to make sure a bird hasn’t made a nest in it.  Clean it out, then consider installing a cover, as once a bird has found a warm spot it will keep coming back (trust me, I’ve had it happen at my house) .

Here’s a picture of a cover you can install to prevent birds from getting into the vent.



This quarter, I’m recommending you also check the vent exhaust pipe attached to the dryer to make sure there’s no build-up of lint.  It means a little bit of work by disconnecting the exhaust pipe from the back of your dryer and cleaning out any build-up of lint.  

Here’s Bob Villa’s tips on how to clean your dryer exhaust line; Tips to cleaning dryer vent

This helps prevent fires from lint built up.  Additionally, your clothes will thank you as they won’t have to spend as much time in the dryer.


Before heading into the holiday season it’s a smart time to check your smoke detectors and CO2 detectors (needed if you have gas in your home).  

Smoke detectors need to be replaced every 10 years.  If you’re not sure how old they are be safe and purchase new ones.  Mark the date you replaced them on the side before installing. It’s recommended to have a smoke alarm on every level of your home and best to have one in every bedroom as well. 



 CO2 detectors should be replaced every 5 years. Unlike smoke detectors which are placed on the ceiling or close to it, CO2 detectors should be no more than 5 ft off the ground and near every bedroom.



While you’re checking out your smoke & CO2 detectors go ahead and change the batteries.  It’s easier to do it now than when the low battery alarm goes off in the middle of the night!

I hope you found these 4 homeowner challenges for 2020 manageable, easy & time efficient.

If you need help tackling any of these projects or have other ones you have around the home which you want help with please contact meI have contractors and handymen I can refer to you for all your home maintenance needs.

If you’re thinking about selling in the New Year, please give me call or email so I can help you plan out the things to do to get your home in top selling condition.

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